Patching CGILua to handle text/plain
JSON RPC (both the JSONRPC4Lua implementation and the jsolait Javascript implementation) send the http request with a Content-Type of text/plain.

CGILua 5.0 does not accept text/plain content, and will generate an error of 'Unsupported Media Type: text/plain'.

This is easily patched in CGILua 5.0 by making the following change to cgilua/post.lua, line 286:


	elseif strfind (contenttype, "text/xml") then
	elseif strfind (contenttype, "text/xml") or strfind (contenttype, "text/plain") then
This makes CGILua handle text/plain as it does text/xml, without parsing the incoming POST data.

Please note: I have requested the maintainers of CGILua to make this change to CGILua, whereafter this patch will no longer be required.